CF Dashboard

We love Crossfit. We hate bullshit.

CF Dashboard is designed By Affiliates, For Affiliates.

CF Dashboard is a highly focused solution designed to help you manage your affiliate with the least amount of time and effort. The single most important variable in the success of your affiliate is the quality of your training, not the amount of time you spend in front of the computer.

CF Dashboard is the result of our frustrations with Non-Crossfit focused affiliate management solutions. CF Dashboard was designed exclusively with CrossFit Affiliates in mind.

CF Dashboard Screenshot

Who is this for:

  • Do you own or plan to start an affiliate? You most definitely need our solution.
  • Does your current solution make you want to gouge your own eyeballs out? Our software won’t (and comes with free safety goggles).
  • Do you value your time? We save you tons of time.
  • Do you like things that don’t suck? We don’t suck.

Who isn't this for:

  • If you love your current affiliate management system, we probably aren't for you.
  • If you have a full time manager or lots of free time, we probably aren't for you.
  • If you love paperwork and working on your computer, we probably aren’t for you.
  • If you love being a bill collector, we probably aren't for you.

What we Provide:

  • Ridiculously simple membership management
  • Idiot proof auto-billing (credit cards, debit cards, ACH)
  • Financial Information and Retention Tracking
  • An online store
  • Class Registration
  • Lots of other stuff that doesn’t suck

Feature Comparison

  CF Dashboard Our Competitors
Number of Features Very Few Crap loads
Support for Day Spas? Hell No Yep
Good for Yoga? Absolutely Not Sure Thing
Pilates Studio Friendly? What the crap...?! Yes!
Training University No Yes! 3 Days of Intensive Training
Focus on “hair, nail and skin salons”? Um, WTF? Yes!
Designed for Affiliates? Yep Nope, for yoga studios.
Developed at an Affiliate? Yep What’ an affiliate?

Take Action

A nice side effect of using CF Dashboard that your deadlift will increase. So if want to use something that doesn't suck, contact us using the form below and receive a free test account.